Art and Stained Glass & Custom Doors

Art glass or artistic glass, can also be called stained glass. It can add warmth and a unique ambiance to many parts of your home. All custom art glass is handcrafted.  Any room can be enhanced with the use of art glass.

Art glass has been around for centuries.  You can get almost any style or color imaginable.  The color of stained glass is permanent.  It isn’t a dye or additive or something painted on the surface.  Glass is made using extreme heat and while molten, chemicals are added. That is what causes the colors. Cobalt, for example creates a beautiful rich blue, Gold, yes, gold, creates red glass. So, the color is part of the glass and isn’t going to fade or change over time.  It is simply an incredible medium to work with because it brings together two things, color and light.  There is a beauty in stained glass like no other, with the sun streaming through the colors, creating colored shadows on the floor and walls, there’s something almost mesmerizing about them. And beveled glass doors bring little prisms dancing around the room each time the door is opened. It’s almost magical to be in a foyer that boasts beveled or stained glass in the entryway.

A beautifully handcrafted door is also a wonderful thing to behold. There’s something about beautiful wood that makes you want to touch it, to feel the smoothness and the warmth. It is a perfect complement to a strikingly beautiful leaded glass window.

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