Cabinetry Standards

What we do:

We use only high grade materials and constantly track the latest trends and even study older methods and construction techniques to maintain a high level of craftsmanship.

  • We use concealed pocket screws and glue to build our face frames so they remain strong and square.
  • We use only high quality hardwood doors and drawer fronts and face frames.
  • We only use Tightbond II Premium wood glue for its strength and holding power.
  • We use solid wood drawer boxes dovetailed on all four corners.
  • We use domestic plywood for its quality and consistency.
  • We use 1/2″ plywood backs dadoed in on all cabinets
  • We can provide roll out shelves, adjustable shelves or can make the shelves fixed. Adjustable shelves are made from 3/4″ domestic plywood with hardwood veneer tape front and back.
  • We standardly include the Blum Soft-Close Full Extension under-mount glides, rated to 75 pounds. As an option, the customer can choose a full extension heavy duty soft close glide also made by Blum.
  • Our cabinets are finished inside and out using pre-catalyzed lacquer for a high quality finish. Interiors are finished natural unless otherwise requested. Exteriors are whatever the client desires, paint, stain, glazing, brushed glazing, distressed. The customer gives us a sample of what is needed and we’ll match it and send a sample back. We will even build cabinets without finish if the customer chooses to finish them.
  • When building face frame cabinets, we can make our cabinets up to 8’-0” long, if needed to facilitate the design.  However, cabinets are typically made smaller so they are easier to handle for unloading and installation.  Unless design constraints dictate otherwise, we will build cabinets that are under 100 pounds each.  Either way we build the cabinets, we always try to make joints as invisible as possible to make it easier for the installer to accomplish a quality end product for the client.
  • With “custom” cabinets, you are free to design and build nearly any configuration. You are not limited by a standard factory process. We use our standards to maintain structural integrity but they can be used with nearly any design or style.

These are not all of our standards but should give a good idea. We want to build cabinets that will keep the customer happy for as long as they own our cabinets.

What we don’t do:

  • We don’t use particle board or MDF (medium density fiberboard) in the construction of the cabinets. We use 3/4″ domestic maple plywood for any structural parts of the cabinets. We may use MDF or particle board material for some door styles when it is a better choice or when that is the only available choice with certain veneers. We recommend MDF(door quality) for painted slab doors since MDF gives a better quality finish than edge banded plywood doors and drawer fronts.  We use edge banded plywood doors for stained wood doors, like maple, cherry or walnut, etc.
  • We don’t use any imported plywood simply because, in our experience, it is not as high in quality as domestic plywood. Imported plywood is not as well made and has voids in the inner plies. It is also not as straight and flat as domestic plywood, but it is less expensive than domestic plywood so it is an option for economy minded cabinet makers.
  • We don’t use hot melt glue on our cabinet boxes.

If this sounds like the type of experience you expect from your cabinet maker, call us and let’s talk about the possibilities.